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Below you can see an overview of the current press coverage around ArtemiC and the MyCell technology. Stay up to date and be informed.

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Strengthening the immune system

Under the headline “Vaccination alone is not enough: prevention is still better than …

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Clinical study

Zur Bewertung der Wirksamkeit von ArtemiC wird eine klinische Studie bei Patienten mit …

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Hope for Long Covid Patients

10 to 20 percent of all covid-19 patients develop long-covid and suffer for …

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Approval for clinical study

To confirm the efficacy of ArtemiC Support against Long-Covid, the clinical study conducted …

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New Long Covid Study

New long Covid study Swiss PharmaCan AG of Frauenfeld, Switzerland, together with two …

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ArtemiC product brochure

As the fight against the pandemic of our lives continues, healthcare systems around …

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